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Lori Sherwood

Parts Town Unlimited

Lori Sherwood is the Chief Money Maestro (AKA: CFO) of Parts Town Unlimited, a position she has held since 2014. Under her leadership, Parts Town has experienced remarkable growth, with annual revenue increasing from under $100 million to nearly $2 billion during her tenure. To manage this substantial growth, Lori embraces three mantras to help manage the company’s success: understand, simplify, and automate (USA). 

Lori’s impact on Parts Town has been instrumental in driving innovation within her department. She has enabled her team to continually assess Parts Town’s evolving needs, simplify its internal financial processes, and support greater automation through technology investments to meet the scalability needs of a company that’s grown 20-fold in less than a decade.

A significant factor contributing to Parts Town’s growth has been the 26 acquisitions undertaken since Lori joined the company. These acquisitions encompass a unique blend of companies, from mom-and-pops to global conglomerates, that add multiple complexities to her job, from language barriers to regulatory hurdles and much more.  Lori has played a critical role in consolidating these acquired companies under one unified umbrella, leveraging her love for innovation. Through the implementation of new software systems, she has enabled flexibility in reporting, empowering team members worldwide to take ownership of their responsibilities and maintain consistency across the company’s global footprint.

With the fast pace of growth and innovation at Parts Town, Lori recognizes the importance of effective communication and relationship building, both within and outside of the company.

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