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Regan Garrett

Market Track, LLC (Numerator)

I could not be more pleased to recommend Regan Garrett, Numerator’s Chief Financial Officer for this award, and to have the opportunity to reflect on her numerous contributions to our business, which has seen tremendous growth and change under her executive leadership. 

Most notably, in July 2021, Regan led Numerator through a highly successful transition from Vista Equity Partners (one of the most successful software and technology investors of the last 20 years) to Bain Capital with a purchase price of $1.5B at a 34x EBITDA multiple – among the highest multiples ever paid in Bain Capital’s history for a business of comparable size. As I’m sure you can imagine with a buyer as sophisticated as Bain Capital, the process was complex and rigorous, with intense scrutiny around accounting controls and financial policy, with every line item excruciatingly analyzed. Regan’s impeccable financials were certainly put through the ringer, and the success of this deal is a testament to her tenacity, endurance, and financial acumen. 

Regan also leads Numerator’s legal department and M&A function, and she has an impressive command over all areas of our business – the value drivers, costs, what’s working, what’s not. She has overseen two successful acquisitions over the past 18 months, and a successful divestiture two months ago of one of our non-core businesses. She’s also made substantial changes on our operations front that helped us recognize millions of dollars in savings. Regan’s ability to handle the challenge of driving cost savings while simultaneously making growth investments in innovation and supporting our biggest bets, is no easy task, even for the most effective CFOs. 

Regan is a valued, active member of Numerator’s executive leadership team (the decision making body of the company), and is the only other employee in addition to me to serve as a Member of the Numerator Board of Directors, a position she has held since the Bain Capital acquisition last July.  She’s consistent, rational, and wired to help, often extending her leadership to functions across the company. Her communication throughout the organization is impressive, as she distills complex financial information into narratives that educate and engage our employees. As a female executive in the data and tech space, Regan also serves as a mentor and role model for other women at Numerator as well as in the broader technology and data industry in Chicago. 

I consider Regan a brilliant financial leader, a bold decision maker, and a trusted partner who ultimately makes me and the other members of our leadership team better at our jobs. I look forward to the shareholder value that I know she will continue to drive, and to watching her flourish in her career at Numerator and beyond. 

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